Malaga Cove Library Historic Lighting Replication Begins

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New Haven, CT - The Malaga Cove Library in the Palos Verdes Library District (CA) was designed in Spanish style by Pasadena architect, Myron Hunt, and constructed in 1929. In 1995 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Grand Light was selected replicate lighting fixtures based on historic photographs of fixtures that are no longer in existance, which one were in the main area of the library. In addition to the replications of the historic pendants, Grand light will manufacture another style fixture, which was designed for the library at a later date for a new addition to the library.

The project requires that Grand Light will supply 25 ceiling lighting fixtures, 13 wall sconces and 41 pendant lighting fixtures of varying lengths. This style fixture has been custom designed for use in the library in other locations, and with a recent addition to the building, more pieces are needed.

The fixtures that are to adorn the main hall are extrapolated from the photograph shown below. They will be completely custom made, both the spinning's, internal ballast tray, and the bottom glass.

Ceiling Lighting from the Malaga Cove library

existing_pendant.jpgPendant Lighting from the Malaga Cove library, will be replicated for a new section

malaga_drawings.jpgDrawings of a few fixture types on this project. Type DA is the recreation from historic photographs.

samples.jpgSamples of existing fixtures to be replicated for the new addition.

The desired antique brass finish

An historic photograph of the main hall, these DA pendants will be completely custom fabricated.

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