18" Glass Globe Modification In Full Prodiuction for Columbia University

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New Haven, CT - After several weeks of production on the custom 18" frosted glass globes, the modifications have begun to modify the solid globe to accommodate an 8 3/4" opening on the bottom so it will fit on the fixture.
This is a very difficult process and is done very carefully. The modification is done using a wet saw and a custom built jig to cradle the shade during the process. The glass is cut an inch at a time, and rotated. Once the hole is cut, the sharp edges are ground down by hand.

Below are images of the Grand Light Artisan at work during this tedious process.

Glass Blowing Facility
The 18" frost glass globes in various stages of the project.

Glass Cutting Saw and Custom JigShown is the custom jig designed to cut the 8 3/4" inch hole in the globe as required for exact fitment on the post lights.

Final Grind On the HoleOnce the glass is cut and the bottom is removed. It is very important to grind the inner edges. This hole is cut on an angle and it leaves the interior portion of the globe sharp. The edge is ground down for safety as well as to remove any burs or inconsistency in the hole.

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