Lighting Restoration for Phillips Exeter Academy Well Underway

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New Haven, CT - The lighting fixture restoration and modification for Phillips Exeter Academy Phillips Hall is well underway. This project is well underway and will be entering it's finals stages over the course of the next couple of weeks.
All of the fixtures have been cleaned and stripped of any surface contaminants and previous lacquers. Finish infill and wax has been applied to liven the existing patina on the fixture Types S4, S5, and P4. On fixture Types C1 and P3, they have been cleaned, polished, and have received an application of a lacquer top coat. The S4 and S5 fixtures are currently undergoing complete reconstruction on the glass frames which sit inside the lantern.

Fixture type C1 and P3 Components in drying room after application of lacquer top coat.

P3_WIP.jpgFixture type P3 having lacquer top coat applied.

P4_WIP.jpgFixture type P4 Cleaned, verde infill, and a museum grade metal wax.

S4_S5_WIP.jpgExterior fixture Type S4 and S5 Cleaned, infilled, waxed, and wired. The cages for the S5 fixtures are currently being reconstructed.

S5_P4_C1_WIP.jpgFixture type S5, C1, and P4 in various stages of their restoration.

S5-Cage.jpgGlass Panel frame reconstruction and replacement on the type S5 outdoor lantern.

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