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New Haven, CT - Progress on the refinishing of the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater fixtures continued on the Type B, Type D, Type C, Type H, and E fixtures. All of the fixtures were stripped to the original base and the prepped for primer, base coat and the custom bled poly chrome finish.
New Haven, CT - Grand Light has had the Gowanda luminaries under work for the past few weeks. Upon their arrival, the fixtures underwent a complete individual inspection: each fixture was photographed and it's condition was evaluated based on mechanics, electronic, glass and finish condition. The Grand Light artisans were discouraged to discover that the condition of most luminaries would result in having to completely refinish most of these fixtures.
Gowanda, NY - Grand Light has been contracted to do the work for the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater lighting restoration project. Over the weekend the Grand Light team drove through the blizzard to upstate NY to pick up the carefully packed fixtures and transport them back to our New Haven facility, were their condition will be assessed by Grand Light professionals.
New Haven, Ct - Grand Light has been contracted for the restoration of the lighting fixtures of the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater in Gowanda, NY.

Saenger Theater Chandelier Completed

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Mobile Al - The Grand Light crew and truck arrived on a rainy day to the Saenger Theater where several of the theater personnel were waiting to help unload the chandelier pieces and bring them inside.
New Haven, Ct - With the completion of the restoration work done on the Saenger Theater chandelier, the fixture was tested and carefully packed for it's trip back to Mobile Alabama. The Grand Light team loaded the precious pieces on the truck and went on the long trip to Alabama, where they will reassemble the chandelier inside the theater.
New Haven, Ct - The chandelier which hangs in the center of the Holy Trinity Orthodox church in New Britain, Ct has been reinstalled at the church by Grand Ligth Artisans where it will be enjoyed by many of the parish for years to come.
New Haven, Ct - The restoration of the large chandelier which suspends from the center of the ceiling of the Saenger Theater is nearing completion. This fixture has undergone several steps during the restoration. Nearly every component on this chandelier has been refinished, and the final product is simply stunning.

 New Haven, CT - After shop evaluation of the chandelier, it was determined that all of the finishes on the components are in various stages of failure and or deterioration.  All of the aluminum painted surfaces have failed with rust, oxidation and pitting present. The large crystal basket  inner frames and outer edges need to be refinished. All of the other bar stock on the cage needs to be touched up where possible without the removal of over 10,000 crystal beads. Additionally, all of the crystal beads strands are in need of re-weaving to the cage. This crochet process requires approximately 32 hours of delicate weaving per cage with stainless steel wire prior to refinishing.

New Haven, CT - After initial project evaluation and documentation, the Grand Light team has begun the restoration of the large chandelier which showcases the center of the Saenger Theater in Mobile Alabama.
New Haven, Ct - After weeks of structural repairs, modifications, cleaning, and rewiring, The large crystal chandelier for the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in nearly complete and ready to be re-assembled in the church by the Grand Light team.
New Haven, C.T - Grand light has been contracted to restore a beautiful crystal chandelier for the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in New Britain, C.T. 
New Haven, C.T - Grand Light has officially completed restoration on Dakota Middle School Theater, with all fixtures packaged, labeled and ready for delivery.

 It took approximately One day of disassembly and two days in transit, however the Grand light two man crew has returned from the Saegner theatre in Mobile Alabama with the 84 year old chandelier, where it will begin to undergo evaluation and further disassembly.

Mobile, Al - Grand Light has been contracted to restore a chandelier for the historic Saenger Theater in Mobile Alabama.

Rapid City, SD - Grand Light has been contracted to restore 40 lighting fixtures for Dakota Middle School's historic theater in Rapid City South Dakota.

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