The restoration team is currently in the process of completely restoring and rewiring a large crystal chandelier from the Minute Man National Historical Park's North Bridge Visitor Center in Concord, Massachusetts.

Following removal and partial dissasembly on site at the park, the chandelier was driven to Grand Light's restoration workshop, where the chandelier's delicate arms, center column and all remaining components were photographed and cataloged. The chandelier was then completely disassembled and all components were inspected for mechanical deficiencies.

Chandelier being removed for restoration at Minute Man National park

The restoration team from Grand Light traveled to Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts last Wednesday to remove a crystal chandelier in need of restoration, rewiring, and repair. The chandelier has been on display in the Stedman Buttrick House, which serves as the park's headquarters and visitors' center for the historic North Bridge.

The 971-acre park receives over one million visitors each year, who come to see important sites associated with the opening battle of the American Revolution. Congress established the park in 1959 to preserve and protect areas such as the first four miles of the Battle Road, where Colonists fired upon British troops as they returned from Boston, and the place where the "shot heard 'round the world" was fired. The park also preserves The Wayside, where 19th century authors kept the spirit of the Revolution alive by creating uniquely American literature.

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