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New Haven, CT - The first of three lighting fixture types from Yale University's Ezra Stiles College have been restored and modified by Grand Light. The fixtures are a part of large scale, two phase restoration project that began in late 2009. The first phase of the project involved similar lighting fixtures from the neighboring Morse College and was completed earlier this year.

New Haven, CT - The restoration of numerous sculpture-like lighting fixtures from Yale University's Morse College has been completed.

The Yale Daily News recently reported on the restoration of the lighting fixtures of Morse and Ezra Stiles colleges, including 10 massive cast brass sculptures. To read the full story, click here.  For further details and photos from this project, click here.
New Haven, CT - Grand Light has begun the process of restoring numerous lighting fixtures from Yale University's Morse & Stiles Colleges.  The fixtures include commissioned work by Oliver Andrews, a well known and respected California sculptor, author and educator at UCLA.
Yale University's Morse College & Ezra Stiles College are currently undergoing a major renovation and Grand Light has been given the task of restoring numerous lighting fixtures from the buildings. The buildings are two of the twelve residential colleges at Yale University, both of which were built in 1961 and designed by architect Eero Saarinen, a master of American 20th Century architecture.

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