Springfield City Hall Historic Exterior Lighting Modification
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The Springfield City Hall, completed in 1913, was first apart of the Municipal Group which consisted of two Greek Revival buildings which house City Hall and Symphony Hall.

Grand Light's artisans upgraded the existing lamps to include 50W Metal Halide 120v Electronic Ballast retrofit in a watertight aluminum enclosure for mounted in the existing bracket of the bronze exterior wall sconces.

The street light fixtures were upgraded with a 70W Metal Halide 120v Electronic Ballast enclosed in a 6"x5"x3" watertight aluminum enclosure mounted in the lower frames of the fixtures. The assemblies include the existing fixture base fitter, as well as a new Medium Base Pulse Rated Socket with a custom bracket, and a 70W Metal Halide Lamp. Original components were used whenever possible in the construction of the retrofit kits.

All bronze surfaces were blasted with AD10.sb 60/120 grade walnut shell at 40 psi until surface dirt and atmospheric grime was removed. The bronze surface was re-finished to its original dark brown color using historically correct reagents such as service nitrate, potassium permanganate, or liver sulfur and a propane gas torch. Several protective coats of incralac were applied to all bronze surfaces.

As a final step of the project, Grand Light's artisans cut 180 pieces of fusible hand rolled antique glass for installation in both the post-mounted fixtures and wall sconces.

For specific modifcations per fixture type, click the appropriate image below:

Wall Sconce
Wall Sconce

Lighting Consultant:
Ryan Stockman
Grand Light
New Haven, CT

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Light Restoration by Grand Light